What do we do?

At ECOPOLIBBLING we level the playing field in the world of data utilization. While the Legal and Political system grows more and more unequal, we even the stakes by providing DBMS resources and analysis tools to people who typically don't have the knowledge or abilities to utilize them. In addition, we help them understand what the information is telling them, and how they can maximize it's effectiveness.

We work with political movements and candidates who refuse corporate donations; we work with local governments who are challenging big money influence on politics; we work with activist groups in helping them push their cause in more analytically driven way; lastly, we work with citizens who want to see equality for everyone. 

If you want to see Criminal Justice Reform and a removal of big money from Politics, and you have a vision to get there through data analysis and visualization but you're not sure how to get started, contact us today to see how we can help!

Read more about what we can offer, what we have done, and our mission within the fields of Criminal Justice and Politics above.

  • 100% Cloud Based Services

  • Utilizes SQL Server DBMS

  • Visualize Data using PowerBI

  • Live Support

  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytic Certified

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