ECOPOLLIBBLING was founded in the Spring of 2020, with the mission of obtaining and analyzing Big Data - whether economic, social or political - and using it to educate the masses about the corruption and exploitation that is taking place by the nations Elite. 


As we move forward, we are hoping to utilize the power of the masses, to acquire, upload, and analyze big data sets in a way that everyone can understand. Additionally, we hope to use this information to push policy changes, and remove lobbyist and big money from government. The goal here is to amplify the voice of the majority so that the world can work for everyone. After learning about the inequality that has littered the criminal justice system for decades, and seeing the disproportionate loss of life and jobs within the middle and lower class caused by the Pandemic, there has never been a better time to come together to utilize these tools to give the power back to the people. 

We are here to work for you, and together we can achieve our mission. We help Lawyers, Activists, local Government and Civilians gather big data sets, utilizing DBMS and Business Intelligence software such as PowerBI, to analyze the information and drive change. We are here to quantify the pain and unfairness that so many feel.

Our Mission

At ECOPOLIBBLING, we have one mission; to give the powerless power by using Big Data to their advantage. Our mission is to give a voice to the data of the overlooked and forgotten; the exploited and marginalized. We analyze everything from police brutality and judicial system inequalities, to unfair hospital treatment and voting suppression. With the help of the people and the endless troves of information released publicly every day, we can flip the system on top of it's head and return the power to those who deserve it - all of us. If you have any data or information that you feel will help us remove big money from politics, and restore the country to the people who make it work, please contact us through the proper channels. This service is free of charge. 



My name is Erik Johnson. I started ECOPOLIBBLING in the Spring of 2020, immediately following the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I had just lost my job, and felt the urge to make a difference for the millions suffering around the country. I was tired of seeing the value of a human life deteriorate year after year, as the earnings and revenue of the nations elite continued to grow. At 33 years old, I knew I still had time to make big changes and pursue this goal of becoming one of the many voices of the unheard. I returned to DePaul University to formalize my degree in Analytics in the Fall of 2020, and with that degree I can further pursue this mission of taking money out of politics, by using big data to hold politicians and leaders accountable for their actions. 

If you are interested in partnering with me and my mission, please E-Mail me at xxxxxx@email.com. If you're interested in acquiring my services to load, maintain and analyze any data sets related to our mission please download my Resume and Portfolio of work below and contact me.