The influence of lobbyists and big corporate money on politics has made changing the unfair system difficult. From the rise in Private Prison profits to the militarization of police forces and the degradation of public school, this infiltration of money into politics has effected policy for everyone. Our mission at ECOPOLIBBLING is to partner with local and federal government nominees and hopefuls, local activist groups and citizens, as well as any company that wants to take money out of politics. 

Regarding hopeful government elects, we want to partner with those who refuse money from large corporations and give them the resources - through the utilization of DBMS and big data - they need to compete with the corporate rich competition.

With local activist groups and citizens, we want to level the playing field by utilizing DBMS systems to maximize the efficiencies of your message through the use of the same big data that is often misrepresented and manipulated against you.

Below, you will find links to causes that support our mission, in addition to resources made publicly available to analyze and digest. With the 2020 election right around the corner, we plan to analyze the donation data, and the policy that comes with it, of our government officials. The reports and information we do present will be free examples of our work. 


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Following the 2020 election, we will analyze the biggest receivers of corporate and lobby backed money, as well as those who received the least. We will also attempt to tie this to voting records

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